Makeup Junkie Earns Income Taking Selfies

I have been in direct sales for over 3 years now. I've seen my share of success over the years but have always felt like something was missing.

That's when LimeLight came into my life and everything changed. The transparency of the CEO'S, the compensation plan that sets you up for success, the professional cosmetics, and skin care line, and the family-like mentality were all things I was immediately drawn to.

In my previous companies, I always felt like a 'number' and all that mattered was my volume. With LimeLight, I feel like a person and they want me to succeed for me, not just for them. The products are the absolute best I have ever used (I'm a huge makeup junkie) and their reputation is top notch. Literally, I make a full-time income posting selfies on the internet because the products speak for themselves. I've never had more fun working from home before.

If you have been searching for your home in the direct sales world, somewhere that has incredible training and support, and a market that isn't over saturated, LimeLight might just be the answer you've been searching for.