Wife starts coffee business & loses weight.

My name is CeCe Coyle,

I live in a small town in California, called Dixon.  I am a wife of 19 years, a mom of an 18-year-old Senior in high school boy, and a 12-year-old 7th-grade daughter.  I am full-time employed by the University of California Davis.  My husband is currently unemployed so my income is basically it.  My son will be heading to college this fall and my daughter is an avid and active softball player and all around athlete.  I am currently working some nights at bingo to offset her travel-ball fees and hotel reservations for when we travel out of town. 

I have always felt even through high school I was not good enough.    I didn't look good enough so I was constantly on a diet.  I had tried everything from HCG, (500 calories),  Weight watchers, to diet pills and although I lost weight it was not permanent.  I had been talking with a friend about her weight loss journey and she mentioned Weight loss coffee.  I thought wow I drink coffee every day how easy would it be if it worked I would lose weight.  So I decided to give it a try.  I loved the taste of the product and lost 11 pounds my first two weeks. Like everyone I was skeptical, I didn't have the really have the extra money to spend.  I had just received my tax return and signed up.  I thought it's either this or get a part time job away from home. 

I was constantly getting calls from bill collectors, I never answered the phone, was about to have my car reprocessed this little side coffee business saved my life.  I have met so many great people and I am constantly working on myself to improve me.  Believing in myself was one of the hardest things I had to do.  When you have one person believe in yourself, that's all that matters.  I have grown more and more amazed about this product, not just the weight loss coffee, but we also have green tea, cocoa, and now fruit drinks.  Helping people lower their A1C to helping kids with ADHD.  I am not longer in it to make money, but now in it to help as many people change their lives.

If you want more information please feel free to contact me.