Made $18,000 helping others find legal services.

In December of 2015, after almost 16 years running an online business (Virtual Assistant and Online Marketing) I finally felt 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. The client from hell pushed me over the edge and I knew I needed to do something different in order to 'get something different'.

I looked at several different business opportunities and neither my husband or I had a pension so leveraged and residual income were KEY to our ultimate wealth.

Potions, lotions and anything that I had to keep a stock of was not for me and I was not about to fall for those 'Get Rich Quick' or 'Make Money Doing Nothing' scams.  I was willing to invest in a real business opportunity and to work hard to have the success that I knew I deserved.

Along came LegalShield. And it made sense. It seemed like a no-brainer...who wouldn't pay $20-$25/month to have unlimited access to a top law firm? I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree so if I understood the value of being able to call a lawyer to help me with, basically, every situation, from the trivial to the traumatic, that comes up in my life for this low monthly fee then surely EVERYONE would too.  

There was a great incentive program when I started and I decided to just give it my best.  I very simply listened to the people who had already had great success in LegalShield and do what they told me would work.  And it worked.  Even if I felt uncomfortable I just did what they told me to do.  I earned my way to the Executive Director position in 4 months...a record in Canada and then, in just 6 months from my start, I walked across the stage at our International convention and collected the largest bonus check in our country....$18,000 USD.

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In January 2017 I earned my car bonus which gives me $500/month towards a BMW.

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In February 2017, at our International convention, I was recognized in the Top 10 Recruiters AND Rank Advancers in the entire company AND won an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Las Vegas.

Do I say all this to brag? No. I say this because I'm not exceptional and it always seemed to be the exceptional people who had great success.  I worked hard, sure.  I followed proven systems, yes.  I now know that all you need to have success is a Strong desire for success, the willingness to work hard and a coachable attitude. I'm now building a strong team of people who want the success that I've had and are willing to do the work and be coachable.