Grandma builds big business while shredding weight.

A brief summary how I came to join Skinny Body Care and how's it's changed my life.....and it can for you too.

     This 'story' of how I came to join SBC is confirmation that nothing happens by accident and there are no such things as 'coincidences'. Twenty plus years ago...closer to 30 probably I met my then boyfriend's sister n law (we'll call her J) at his brother's wedding. We sat at the same table and chatted amicably during the reception. My boyfriend and I broke up soon after and I never saw the women again...or the boyfriend either and trust me, that's a good thing...LOL!!  Fast forward 25 or so years and her profile pops up on my Facebook. We become FB friends, I message her...she remembers me after I refresh her memory. We learn that we both are employed by the NYC Department of Education; her as a teacher's educational assistant and I was a school secretary. We both live in NYC, different boroughs. 

     As time goes on I see her posting on facebook about Skinny Fiber, an all natural weight loss nutritional supplement and the company Skinny Body Care. I watched her posting testimonies of people successfully losing weight with Skinny Fiber and became curious. I had put on some 20 extra pounds after I had turned 50, and was wanting to shed them. After close to a year of following her and seeing others lose weight and making money selling the product, I inquire about it. She informs me that the company is having a Regional conference in New Jersey the next month and invites me to be her guest.

     It had been a rocky few years prior for me....emotionally and physically, as well as financially. Aside from my financial struggles, living paycheck to paycheck, I was on medication for high blood pressure, was getting migraines weekly and within five years I had lost my only brother (15 years my junior) to a fatal car crash and my devoted dad to a heroic battle with cancer and I had become a grandmother. Talk about a roller coaster ride!  I knew 'J' and I met again for a reason and decided I should at least see what Skinny Body Care and Skinny Fiber was all about. I told her I would be her guest to find out more.  

    That Saturday in June I went to the Regional conference in New Jersey and I knew I was at the right place at the right time, with the right people.  I listened to about a dozen people tell their 'story'. The weight loss testimonies were enough proof for me that their product worked....but the business testimonies moved me to tears. One woman, in particular, was the reason I signed up that day to become a distributor. Like me, this woman was a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck...except her story was worse than mine, she was about to be evicted from her home. This woman moved me to tears, she was such an inspiration, as she had lost over 70 pounds at that time. (Now I believe it's nearly 100 lbs.) and was making money with Skinny Body care as one of her posts on FB had went viral and she exploded and now has a blue check next to her name on FB!!   I had never before been in an MLM company but talking to the leaders, meeting the CEO, talking with my friend J and her upline, I knew it was a no brainer for me. I signed up that day in New Jersey on the spot and have never looked back. 
As a single mom, I was always looking for ways to supplement my income. I tried the usual, Avon, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and although I made money, it never was quite the right fit.

Skinny Body Care has been different for me. Since joining I have lost 20 lbs. and went down two sizes, I feel wonderful and after taking Skinny Fiber for about 10 months, I went for my annual check up and had blood work done. My doctor told me all my numbers were normal and I no longer take medication for high blood pressure and my migraines are gone. 

SBC provides free training and its leaders are all supportive. I have learned about personal development and the power of investing in myself. I am building my business as I learn how to become a leader to teach others. I have always loved helping others, especially single mothers.

Since I've joined, SBC has added 4 new awesome products, which include a night time fat burning drink and an energy powder. We also have two skin care products.  Skinny Body Care has not only been a means to helping me become healthy physically but also financially. I now know that there is no limit except for the limits we put on ourselves. I have become a stronger person and learned that I'll have to hear a lot of no's before I get a 'yes' and that's OK. I have met new people that have become friends. I truly believe our CEO wants the average person to succeed and win. I know I am just a small town girl living in the Big Apple with a BIG dream, who wants to share my knowledge with other women, especially single moms (and men too...)  to empower them to grow and live a better life. I have learned more in the last three years as a distributor with Skinny Body Care than I have ever learned in college or life even. I LOVE that our company is a 'green' Corporate headquarters as the business in done online and we are Global as we ship to over 100 countries.  I have been to four other events with my company since that day I joined in New Jersey. I have been building my credit score, have extra money at the end of the month and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Now with a grandchild, my entire perspective on life has changed. My progress is slow and steady, but I believe when you have a strong foundation, the bigger and stronger you can build.      

     As I now am planning to retire from the NYC Department of Education, Skinny Body Care will be the company I can build a residual income to leave a legacy to my children and grandchild/ren one day.  Our company truly personifies #OneTeamOneDream and I would love to have you join my T.E.A.M. -- know that stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.

I look forward to working with you and knowing your can join me here >>