From jail time to successfully self-employed

I'm a Wor(l)d changer!

I'm Sarah Fisher Durst, 46 years old, mother to Everleigh & Roen, wife to Shannon, and a self-proclaimed Whiz-bang Lady Boss Entrepreneur.  And let me tell life is AWESOME.  But it wasn't always this way. 

I grew up in Windsor as the oldest of three kids and we had a great life. I excelled in school, was a competitive swimmer and had many friends yet never felt like I belonged.  I began using drugs and alcohol and soon enough I was a functioning addict....I managed to graduate university and become an elementary school teacher.  I taught during the day and abused substances at night.  It didn't take long for my life to fall and I ended up in jail, in rehab, and in jail again.  I was desperate and so disillusioned with life...I came to the conclusion that this was all I deserved and that my life would never amount to anything. 

But I was wrong.....very very wrong.  One person believed in me and gave me a chance at a new life in a new city.  And, with my charm and beauty....well he couldn't help himself and we fell in love and had two babies.  Then came the day I had been dreading...the day my hubby told me he thought it was about time I get a J.O.B.  I nearly passed out.  I did not want to teach again.  I did not want to have a time clock.  I did not want to earn a basic wage.  I did not want a boss.  I wanted to be my own boss. 

So I did what any other woman in my position would do...I joined a home business....and then another one...and I spent money on books and samples and delivering stuff.  I spammed everyone I knew and I spewed out videos, propaganda and sales pitches NON-STOP.  I literally made $0.  HOWEVER, I met people along the way that shared their knowledge and skills (including Jenna Zwagil, Founder of Hustle with Her and her Ninja skills) and I got better.  I learned.  I joined my third company and had success.  Enrolling over 50 people within 3 months using Facebook.  Ka-boom!  I was making money.  And it was awesome! 

Fast forward to me saying yes to an opportunity to be a founder and to be involved in pre-launch...I quickly built an organization.  I became the top ranking leader in Ontario and had my first five-figure month.  I earned trips to Maui, to Vegas, to Seattle, I earned a Cadillac too! 

But guess what?  Something was lacking for was crazy because on the outside this business looked so good, but on the inside, I was struggling.  I felt like I had greatness inside of me but didn't know how to bring it out.  I knew that I could do more, I could give more, I could help more people, but didn't know how.

YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!!  I found it.  I found the MAGIC. I discovered the power of strong leadership, and of having an MENTOR....and my world flipped upside.  I formally resigned from my company, my hubby thought I was losing my mind to give it all up, and went ALL-IN with Wor(l)d Global Network.

I am a World Changer with Wor(l)dgn and I'm helping change lives with a simple 3-minute video.   Sharing the HELO and BIOZEN, two Incredible, relevant and on-trend products in the Wearable technology field.  

  • Relevant Products - First to Market - Category Creator - Partnered with Toshiba - Lucrative Compensation Plan - 100% Online - No Join Fees - No Samples - No Home Parties - No Deliveries - No Price Difference for Customers & Representatives - No Competition
  • HELO - health & lifestyle Oracle - this wearable bracelet is at the top of the field in terms of health monitoring and does blood pressure, EKG, heart beat, breath rate, mood, energy, sleep, steps and coming soon blood sugar, blood alcohol, and blood oxygen measurements. 
  • BIOZEN - a simple sticker with powerful technology that reduces electrosmog coming off electrical devices.

Why choose to partner with me? 

Because I am awesome!! I know, I know....but let me tell you, it's true!! And, I will help teach and train you. I have personally sponsored over 140 people online through Facebook in the past and will share with you HOW I have done this. 

Want to chat more....or learn more about me....
Sarah Fisher Durst