Busy Mom of 4 kids turned Business Owner

Hi, I'm Barbara,

I'm a super busy momma of 4 kiddies, 2 of those being twins that aren't even a year old! Living in a super small town in Indiana and starting a family early I didn't feel like working a "normal" 9-5 was for me! So I set out to look for a better option. 

I joined my first network marketing company in 2010 and it taught me a lot! I reached the 7th highest rank in the company in a very short time, however, I just wasn't happy. I needed something that I was extra passionate about and something that I knew everyone needed in their home! So I walked away from a 5 figure a month income to go on the hunt for something better! Time....it took lots of time to find a company that I KNEW was great and had all if not more of what it was I was looking for!

This amazing company just so happens to be Le-Vel. Not only is the compensation plan on point but the products are absolutely OUTSTANDING! After having my twins I was on the hunt for anything to help me with the lack of energy and drive I was struggling with on a daily basis! Le-vel has a super simple 3 step system called Thrive that gives you all that you need and on day one I felt the difference in my energy amongst other things!   

The fast money is crazy awesome as well! You have the opportunity to make a $1,000 bonus (on top of commission) in your first 14 days in this company so seeing that money right off hand makes your drive that much better! 

So WHY is everyone SO EXCITED about Le-vel

✔️DEBT FREE 4 yr old company

✔️ FREE to become a promoter 

✔️NO website fee 


✔️NO monthly obligations 

✔️INVERTED compensation plan 

✔️Paid WEEKLY 

✔️Auto Bonus  

✔️Ridiculous CASH BONUSES 

✔️Simple and duplicatable business plan

✔️Amazing products 

✔️2 customers and you thrive FREE until eternity.

Seriously, I have NEVER seen anything quite like this company 

PLEASE DO NOT MISS OUT on this incredible opportunity!

TIMING is Everything. 

These Products are blowing my mind, be sure to check out the video on my site for more details on the product line and if earning extra money is something you are thinking about earning $500 plus super quick is as simple as 2 customers and 2 promoters, we can chat more if you are interested. :-)  

Our team is exploding quickly and I would love to have you part of this new adventure with us!! 

To join as a free customer or promoter check out my site here BarbaraCowgill.Le-Vel.com