After a lifetime of suffering from digestive issues- I finally found a cure.

Hi, Everyone!

Super excited to have you here and share with you about my journey with Plexus! So where do I start? My name is Andrea and I am a single momma to two beautiful kiddos, 10 and 14. I started Plexus TriPlex about 9 months ago and I have never looked back! I feel amazing and I am growing an awesome business!

Before finding Plexus the past 5 years of my life was spent in and out of the doctor's office, emergency rooms, and specialists. Suffering from a host of digestive problems daily with no answers, just more prescriptions. I was miserable. I was absent from my kids' lives because I was always too nauseous or in pain to show up to life each day. I was literally giving up hope. I saw a post on facebook talking about gut health and how plexus addressed the same symptoms I was burdened with and reached out.

I had been diagnosed with IBS, GERD, leaky gut, diverticulosis, diverticulitus, and I was overweight. Always being told there was nothing more to be done other than exist with my meds. I struggled with weight since my gallbladder removal 10 years ago and swollen all the time. I started taking the triplex and instantly I felt more energy and less discomfort! My bowels became regular, my nausea subsided and I felt hope!

After a major candida die off 2 months into my product my whole life was changed! I am off all 7 meds including antidepressants! I have a whole new life! I have also lost 42 pounds in these 9 months! Plexus was the answer! Plexus gave me my life back! Not only am I happy and healthier every day it has given me the opportunity to create a second income stream for my family!  I have never been so blessed in my entire life!