Monetize your passion; yes, even the one you think there’s no money in.

I went from a $3 checking account balance to developing million dollar ideas, overnight.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know where to begin. All I knew is, I unlocked the keys to life and the universe by finally figuring out how to tell the difference between peace and turmoil in my life. Believe it or not, that was a huge accomplishment on its own. When I had nothing left to depend on after everything else was ripped away, I knew I knew how to write. I remembered all the comments people left on each blog post I’d ever written. People told me shamelessly, to my face that I was in the wrong industry and that writing was my calling. I rolled my eyes and instantly generated excuses in my mind on why they were all optimistic liars.

“Yeah but no one makes money at that.” “Only a few writers actually get paid for it.” “Unless you’re getting a book or movie deal, you’d be crazy to go into writing.” “#BloggersAreBroke.” “Writing is a hobby, not a career choice.” “Writing is for people who live with their parents at age 47 because their wife left them for failing to provide for their family with a ‘real job’.”

We are told as young’ns to choose ‘sensible’ careers with proven statistics of success, not to follow our ‘dreams’ because dreams were just that, dreams. Never mind what the rest of the world is doing. Dreams were hobbies, the things you were only allowed to pursue in your free time after all your homework was done. Even my Dad used to talk about how he found his career. He tells a story on how he simply opened the newspaper and saw lots of career opportunities for telecommunications so he started taking college courses pertaining to that field and before he could finish his degree he was hired by a leading energy provider in Southern California. I mean, I guess it worked out for him- but it took literally zero intuitiveness to know this was his passion, because it wasn’t. It was realistic. It was safe.

The creatives, the writers, the artists, the musicians, the entrepreneurs all stand against stacked odds when they pursue their passion and many end up on the streets slinging their creations because they couldn’t find enough business sense to make it work. You can love your passions all you want but if you can’t monetize them, you end up as the ‘butt of the family jokes’ as everyone predicts.

When I finally picked myself off the bathroom floor after crying and shouting at my boyfriend about how I was meant for more in life than to be his b*itch, I headed straight into my office and opened my laptop with defeat and tears streaming down my face. I knew I’d have to get a job I’d hate before I could build my vision, especially since I didn’t know what my vision was yet. I knew I had to support myself financially because whatever I achieved next wouldn’t be rightfully mine if I hadn’t. I wanted 100% of the success and 100% of the failure. I was prepared to take on this responsibility even if that meant scrubbing toilets for three years while pursuing this newfound ‘peace’ within me. The funny thing about following your peace, that calmness inside- is that you stop fighting for the things that in life that don’t align with you anymore. Sometimes this as as easy as deleting a Facebook account, and other times it’s as hard as saying goodbye to the love of your life.

Staring at the white-lined blank page on my desk, I began to write. That thing I did each time I found myself left to my own devices, when nothing was left. I poured my heart out to myself and I remembered the trail of testimonies of all the lives I had personally changed and saved because of my words.

I was a writer. An influencer. A leader. A mentor. I was that mystical ‘thing’ I had been searching for my entire life. I was the roadmap others sought out in their own lives and I had subscribers, thousands in fact. I had people waiting to buy my sh*t. I didn’t have it all figured out, I didn’t even know my next move, I just knew I had the ability to transform lives by showing them the path to finding themselves.

There was a need in the world.
I had the solution.
I had the network.
I had the talent.
And suddenly, I had a vision.

You can monetize any and every passion if you understand the power of networks, the significance of subscriber lists, the influence of fans, supporters, audiences, in other words- the people who will buy your sh*t from you. Without people ready and willing to buy what you have to offer, you’re spinning your wheels at worst and wishing upon a star at best. So then the question becomes, “How do we build a network?”

I’m glad you asked. The fact that you’re still reading tells me you’re that person who knows they’ve got a whole lot more to offer the world than cold tacos from food trucks on busy streets while watching real businesses make millions right in front of your face. You should know by now you are more than a witness to others’ success, you have your own success story- you just have to write it. You may have to accept the job you’re overqualified and underpaid for, for awhile, but when you know where you’re going and what you’re about to achieve it won’t bother you like it used to. People become discontent and restless because of lack of direction and defeat because they are standing still instead of moving forward- not because they aren’t where they want to be yet.

Networking is how you turn your passion into a paycheck. Figuring out how you can help others vs yourself is how you get the universe to cooperate with your mission and deliver it to you in a gorgeous box with a bow marked destiny.

It’s really that simple.

I would sell my words to my network.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” -Robert Kiosaki