If you’re doubting the network marketing industry, take this from it.

Network marketing is one of the most powerful industries to get involved in. If you’ve never owned your own business before, it’s a great way to get started. It’s inexpensive to start and literally no overhead other than the products you consume yourself. For many people, it pays the rent, a car payment, puts food on the table, affords diapers or even dream vacations. My fiance was and is one of the greats in the industry who got started at age eighteen and built his empire to multiple millions by age twenty-two, a poster child for what we all hope for when we join our first network marketing company. Many people have my level of success at first, which is a two to five-year education on how to become mentally and financially fit.

We learn that through developing ourselves we can impact the lives around us. For many, this gives us a sense of purpose, and for even more- it becomes a godsend. Had I never got involved in network marketing, I would have never known that I had the ability to change my thinking, that I could control my thoughts which would control the outcome of events in my life. Many of us are trained to react to circumstances instead of creating our own financial futures. When I got involved in network marketing I was eighteen years old, had a serious case of bipolar, got married six months out of high school and a baby a year later. My life was out of control and I spent all of my energy trying to plug the holes in this sinking ship.

I didn’t know what I wanted then, but I knew what I didn’t want and yet I had only learned to attract that. I owe a lot to the industry that helped me grow into who I am today. People can say what they want about network marketing, they can call it a pyramid scheme or ‘one of those businesses’ but typically the people who don’t understand it are the ones who are the most negative toward the industry and in their own lives.

Even if you don’t become a mega millionaire, it’s nice to know you’re surrounding yourself with positive people and getting an education you won’t get from any school and likely not from your family.  Never stop growing. Never stop developing your mind, and eventually, everything you’ve ever wanted in life will attract itself to you. Five years from now, you’ll wake up and realize you became the person you always wanted to be.


“It’s not good fortune.
It’s commitment to self-development.”
-Jenna Zwagil