How I Make $2k/Week on Instagram

First off let me say this, this is not a 'pitch' or a 'gotcha' this is software I actually use to run my business. I experimented with paid Facebook ads for a few weeks and got great engagement but I didn't get any actual sales. No sales = no money in my bank. 

Well, I wasn't interested in just getting a bunch of likes and shares that resulted in more money spent than earned. I wanted targeted, paying CUSTOMERS. I turned to Instagram for some answers.

I saw all these women crushing their online businesses from posting pictures and just using a few targeted hashtags. This abled them to bring in the right audience for their product. I reached out to these women personally to find out what they were doing differently that was creating massive success for them. The first thing they told me was that they weren't running their Instagram pages like the average person would- like you or I would.. which is basically just logging into Instagram, uploading a pic, wishing and praying for some action and then calling it at day.

These womanpreneurs all ran their Instagram pages from their DESKTOP using highly intelligent software that pulls niche targets, spies on competition, schedules posts (and even posts for you at the 'best time' when there are more viewers online.)

This software also gave them the leading edge in content discovery and finding out what's trending on Instagram so that they could intercept traffic that was ALREADY THERE.

Not only that- this software allows you to grab all the hashtags your competitors are using to get more followers AND even gives you the ability to follow their followers on autopilot.

I was more than impressed. So I bought it to try it out myself.

The results I found were AMAZING. Check out this quick search for the hashtag: #BOSSBABE

boss babe instagram social proof

You can literally grab all the hashtags you want in an instant and create a post within this software and have it post FOR YOU. This 'done for you' system is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to automate their online business. 

If you're tired of getting likes without sales- this is a MUST HAVE. Even if you're not in business yet, you need this because with these insights you'll be able to figure out what type of business you want to start. 

This is for ANY entrepreneur that's serious about making money on Instagram, and it's for the person who wants to be one.